Helping Small Businesses Navigate Today's New Marketing Technologies

New Mobile Marketing Ideas Made Easy!!!  Even if You Don't Understand Technology..



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Findit Marketing and its technology partners have helped hundreds of small local businesses take the first step into the new world of Mobile Marketing

We're not a piece of software you have to figure out.  We are people who work with small business owners every day (many over the age of 60) going step by step as you add new ideas to your small business.

"Keep the costs low."

That's what we hear from small businesses.  Affordability is key.  Many of our customers take a tiny amount from their advertising and apply it to Mobile Marketing - and achieve dramatic results.

Based on your comfort level

right now, we determine the most logical first step for you.  We don't sell you what we have, we sell you what you need, but with an eye toward real results - more customers, more money.

When did we ALL forget that marketing means meeting customers where they are?

The mega-trend has been obvious for years.  

You missed out on the revolution? 

Don't miss out on the Mobile Revolution.

“Thank you for giving me the push.  It was really easy, and you delivered everything you promised. We now own our customer list and engage proactively.  We don't just wait and hope they come back, we invite them to come back!”

Irene L.

Lasting Images Boutique

In 2014 more searches will be done on Mobile phones than on computers.

Leading Edge Businesses (and they are not all 20 somethings) see everyone using cell phones and are asking:

"How can we market to them?"

With a Little Friendly Help You Can do the Same - Even if You Don't Understand the Technology

We will show you how it works - step by step.  Fear not.  We are with you all the way.  Call us and talk to real people who understand the needs of small business owners.  Success in Mobile Marketing is easy to achieve.

Advertising  ==>  Paying someone else to reach their audience in the hope of finding a potential customer

Mobile Marketing  ==>  You own the audience.  Now there's a big switch in thinking!

Don't throw money at advertising that no longer works.  With some new tools and some good advice you can now capture customer information and create a meaningful channel of communication and engagement with your customers.  All it takes is a willingness to see what's going on around you, and a desire to learn a few new tricks.

“I'm very happy I decided to move forward.  I didn't understand the big picture at first, but now I can say to every small business out there - this is so inexpensive compared to other ways of advertising - and those methods don't even work any more.  I'm mobile and I'm not going back.”

Tom A.

The Tower Diner

How does your website look on a cell phone?